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The areas of application for adhesives and sealants are extremely diverse. As a home user, acrylic and silicone immediately make you think of bathroom renovations or painting work, while in industry, completely different challenges need to be mastered. If you want to successfully establish yourself as a brand in both segments, you need to have as broad a product portfolio as possible and find the right mix of quality, product properties and price. For many years, we have been developing products for every area of application, which you can then market under your brand and thus retain customers in the long term through convincing results.

Water-based acrylates

The requirements for acrylic vary greatly depending on the area of application. While classic all-rounders such as the well-known painter's acrylic for home use place comparatively moderate demands on the product, professional acrylics, such as those used for façade construction, are quite different. In order to be able to fully serve the different market segments, we research and develop better products every day, with which you can ultimately inspire your customers.

Our acrylics impress with permissible overall moulding rates of 7.5 % - 20 % and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to their early-recovery formulation. To give you an impression of our portfolio, we have summarised the most important products here.

  • Express acrylics that can be painted over particularly quickly.
  • Textured acrylics with different grain sizes for seamless application on woodchip and plaster.
  • Special products such as transparent acrylics, Bauhaus sealants, polystyrene adhesives, ventilation duct sealants, car body fillers and construction film adhesives.
  • Eco-acrylates (Blue Angel-certified) for emission-free construction and renovation.
  • Wood and parquet sealants in various colours and wood looks, which can even be sanded and painted over afterwards.
  • Ultra-light levelling compounds for shrinkage-free overhead work.
  • Assembly adhesives in various designs for attaching decorative and skirting boards, skirting boards, insulation boards and for bonding wooden structures.
  • Assembly adhesive with particularly fast initial adhesion (initial tack).
  • Express filler for simple repairs to cracks and holes in walls and other mineral substrates.

Silicone with various crosslinkers

Our silicones impress with their unique formulations, which make them ideal for a wide range of applications. We can therefore offer suitable products for both professional craftsmen and do-it-yourself DIY enthusiasts that offer lasting quality.

In terms of composition, our silicones can be roughly divided into acidic acetate and neutral, MEKO-free pentanone oxime and alkoxy systems. We thus cover all areas of application:

  • Sealing expansion and connection joints in the sanitary sector, in glass and window construction and in metal construction.
  • Sealing joints on window sills, window and door connections and façade joints.
  • Special silicones for special applications, from natural stone silicone to high-temperature silicone, fire protection silicone, cleanroom silicone as well as industrial, aquarium, drinking water and foodstuff silicone.

The requirements are particularly high for silicones in cleanrooms and in the nationally and internationally strictly controlled food industry. However, our experience and continuous in-house research and development ensure excellent product quality, which is naturally reflected in your brand.

Hybrid polymer-based sealants

In addition to acrylates and silicones, we also produce hybrid sealants and adhesives for various applications. Hybrid sealants combine flexibility, durability and excellent adhesion in one product. Their wide range of applications and their ability to adhere reliably to different substrates and materials make them an indispensable part of the modern construction industry. Whether for elastic bonding, sealing or as an assembly adhesive - hybrid sealants always offer a high-performance and versatile solution.

The areas of application for our hybrids are extremely wide-ranging:

  • Construction film adhesive / EPDM film adhesive
  • Adhesive for films made of olefin materials (vapour barrier films)
  • Can also be used on slightly damp substrates
  • Elastic bonding indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for wood and metal construction as well as for glass, ceramics and natural stone

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