From the Oberbergisches Land to the whole world

A company could not be held in higher esteem, especially in the private label sector. After all, you are relying on the expertise of external employees, but in the end your name stands for the product. And trust is valuable because it requires continuous work at the highest level.

For this reason, we are particularly proud to have been inspiring our customers for many years with excellent service and customised products in countless individualisation options. We owe this to our employees in every department, who passionately give their best every day - for your company's success.

What can we do for you?

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Production area

From the idea to your customised product

Our process is characterised by care at every step. Only through conscientious planning and professional production will you receive a product that does justice to your brand.


It all starts with you: you tell us the requirements for your product and where and for what purpose it will be used.


We develop your product using our own formulations from our research and development department.


Your product is created in our production facility and filled at the same time - in cartridges and tubular bags in your design.


Quantity, packaging, delivery. You have everything in your hands, because it's your product. Your brand. Your success.

That's why FS-BF.

The quality

You have probably already held an FS-BF product in your hand and don't know it, because numerous well-known brands have trusted us for years to be the right product for their name. Of course, your secret remains safe with us.

The product range

Depending on the material and application, the characteristics and requirements of adhesives and sealants can vary considerably. Our extensive range enables you to provide each of your customers with the perfect product bearing your name.

The innovation

Adhesive remains adhesive and sealant remains sealant? It's not that simple, because the demands on our products grow with the innovations in the construction industry. Our research and development department creates innovative formulations for future applications.

The individuality

It is your product. That's why you decide on all the details. Our full service principle guarantees you maximum flexibility in terms of application, customisation, quantity and design. In this way, our products fit seamlessly into your portfolio.

The experience

Unique recipes, excellent service and maximum flexibility are the result of over 50 years of cross-industry experience and a passion for what we do. You will feel this experience from the first enquiry to the long-term business relationship.

The sustainability

As a responsible company, it is our duty to keep an eye on the future and take measures to minimise our ecological footprint. With our photovoltaic system, green electricity, efficient recycling and innovative product lines, we are doing our part.

Your production. Our location.

Traditional values, forward-looking ideas


Foundation of the company "Friedhelm Schneider Kunststoffverarbeitung" as an injection moulding company.


Foundation of B&F Formulier- und Abfüll GmbH - focus: mixing and filling of construction sealants.


Conversion of the sole proprietorship "Friedhelm Schneider Kunststoff­verarbeitung" into FS Kunststoff­technologie GmbH & Co. KG. Takeover of B&F as a subsidiary.


Takeover of the two companies by INDUS Holding AG in Bergisch-Gladbach.


Merger of FS Kunst­stoff­techno­logie GmbH & Co. KG and B&F Formulier- und Abfüll GmbH & Co. KG to form FS-BF GmbH & Co. KG.


Sealing, filling, bonding. The right acrylic for every application in different price ranges for every market segment, from professional to home user - indoors, outdoors, everywhere.


Our silicone sealants are characterised by excellent movement absorption values, different cross-linking systems and properties that are perfectly matched to the intended use.


Their special elasticity and excellent adhesion properties make hybrids the perfect sealant for demanding indoor and outdoor applications.

Special products

Special areas of application require special sealants and adhesives. Discover the highest weather resistance and exceptional properties in our special product portfolio.

We are here for you

Every enquiry is unique. Every requirement is a new challenge. Let's talk in person to find the right solution for you as quickly and economically as possible. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and show you all your options. How can we help you?

Ready for thefuture

Part of INDUS Holding AG

Sharing visions, utilising synergies. We have been a subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG since 1998 and together we are focussing our entrepreneurial activities on an innovative and sustainable future. Benefit from stable price structures and an extensive, cross-industry network that allows us to realise our full potential. This is product development and service made in Germany.


Sustainability at FS-BF

We are not only manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, but of course also people who live on this planet. As an industrial company, we are aware of our responsibility for our ecological footprint and go the extra mile for a future that the next generations can enjoy. We would like to show you how we do this.