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Exceptional challenges require unique sealants and adhesives. Particularly flexible, particularly resistant, particularly hygienic - by combining different silicone, acrylic and polyurethane elements, we can manufacture products with unique properties that you can make available to your customers in a wide range of products. With your design. With your name. With your brand.

Discover the formulations from our own research and development department or customise everything to your exact requirements for a wide range of market segments in order to position yourself perfectly in the trade. Would you like to inspire customers with your own hybrid adhesives and sealants? We are your private label partner.

From the idea to your customised product

Our process is characterised by care at every step. Only through conscientious planning and professional production will you receive a product that does justice to your brand.


It all starts with you: you tell us the requirements for your product and where and for what purpose it will be used.


We develop your product using our own formulations from our research and development department.


Your product is created in our production facility and filled at the same time - in cartridges and tubular bags in your design.


Quantity, packaging, delivery. You have everything in your hands, because it's your product. Your brand. Your success.





>20.000 m²

Production area

Your decision. Our hybrids.

Hybrid sealant 7920

This hybrid sealant fulfils the requirements of DIN 18540-F (structural joints) and ISO 11600 F 25 LM and is partially suitable for applications in the food sector (declaration of no objection ((EC) No. 1935/2004 and LFGB §§ 30 and 31).

Hybrid sealant 7921

This hybrid sealant impresses with its outstanding elasticity and is therefore suitable for sealing joints and connecting joints on many building substrates.

Hybrid adhesives and sealants 7957 and 7057Z

Adhesives and sealants with an excellent adhesion spectrum on various (even slightly damp) building substrates. Some of the products are also suitable for applications in the food sector (declaration of no objection ((EC) No. 1935/2004 and LFGB §§ 30 and 31).

Hybrid adhesive High Initial Tack 7953

Hybrid adhesive with very high initial adhesion (≥ 140 kg/m² when loaded parallel to the adhesive layer), especially for vertical and overhead applications.

Hybrid adhesive and sealant 7925 - crystal clear

Particularly elastic adhesive and sealant that cures crystal clear after application and is therefore suitable for invisible bonding on various surfaces.

Hybrid EPDM film adhesive 7922

Elastic adhesive and sealant with particularly fast curing, optimised for bonding EPDM membranes in modern roofing.

Hybrid construction adhesive 7910

Elastic hybrid adhesive with a unique formula that makes it the first choice for bonding vapour control layers.

That's why FS-BF.

The quality

You have probably already held an FS-BF product in your hand and don't know it, because numerous well-known brands have trusted us for years to be the right product for their name. Of course, your secret remains safe with us.

The product range

Depending on the material and application, the characteristics and requirements of adhesives and sealants can vary considerably. Our extensive range enables you to provide each of your customers with the perfect product bearing your name.

The innovation

Adhesive remains adhesive and sealant remains sealant? It's not that simple, because the demands on our products grow with the innovations in the construction industry. Our research and development department creates innovative formulations for future applications.

The individuality

It is your product. That's why you decide on all the details. Our full service principle guarantees you maximum flexibility in terms of application, customisation, quantity and design. In this way, our products fit seamlessly into your portfolio.

The experience

Unique recipes, excellent service and maximum flexibility are the result of over 50 years of cross-industry experience and a passion for what we do. You will feel this experience from the first enquiry to the long-term business relationship.

The sustainability

As a responsible company, it is our duty to keep an eye on the future and take measures to minimise our ecological footprint. With our photovoltaic system, green electricity, efficient recycling and innovative product lines, we are doing our part.

We are here for you

Every enquiry is unique. Every requirement is a new challenge. Let's talk in person to find the right solution for you as quickly and economically as possible. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and show you all your options. How can we help you?

Potential unleashed

With us as a manufacturer for your sealants and adhesives

Expand your product range now and open up new possibilities with adhesives and sealants from our production. We have always been characterised by the highest standards of product quality and efficient production processes - your advantage, after all, it is your name that will ultimately appear on the product.

Discover how your desired product is created step by step and how you can benefit from our experience and expertise!

Service isin our DNA

Our company. There for you since 1966.

The more steps in production come from a single source, the more pleasant and relaxed the collaboration. Our aim is to offer you the best product - and to ensure this, research, development and production go hand in hand at our company. Discover our company now and why we have been impressing customers with our adhesives and sealants for over 50 years.


Sealing, filling, bonding. The right acrylic for every application in different price ranges for every market segment, from professional to home user - indoors, outdoors, everywhere.


Our silicone sealants are characterised by excellent movement absorption values, different cross-linking systems and properties that are perfectly matched to the intended use.

Special products

Special areas of application require special sealants and adhesives. Discover the highest weather resistance and exceptional properties in our special product portfolio.